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Internet Ban? Bypass blockade in easy steps

Time and again several governments and states have tried to execute their dictatorship by imposing ban on contents on internet. Some time it has been a blanket ban on a long list of file sharing sites, some times it has been discussion forums, some times popular video sharing sites like vimeo, or simple paste tool like pastebin.

And probably such problems will be more on rise in countries like India, China, Pakistan, Middle Eastern countries and many others where there is hardly any Data Protection laws and it's just the whimsical decision of government that they can bring down any website any time for any period of time.

Fortunately for us, that's not the end of the road. Internet was always free and open and that's how it is meant to be. To accept the right and reject the wrong should rest in the hands of common netizens, no corporates or governments should dictate it.

To cut the long story short, If you are unable to browse your favorite discussion forum, or unable to see short film video posted by your film-maker friend, or unable to see a porn clip (if it's not illegal to see in your country) you badly wanted to, then here is the solution.

While there are many options to bypass around such blockades, I am here to advice about two simple solutions which any layman without any techie background can opt for.
  1. Tor Browser
  2. VPN
Each have their merits and demerits as discussed below:

Tor Browser
You can download the Tor Browser and start using it for anonymous browsing, however the browser does not supports 3rd party plugins like Adobe Flash, etc. Thus any Flash enabled video sites might not give you full experience. To know more how tor works you can read here

Virtual Private Network is the ultimate solution where in you can prevent your ISP and Government from snooping into your data packets (well make sure it's a good VPN service with repute) and bypass all blockades and also hide your real identity on the web. This can also allow you to make VOIP calls where it is otherwise blocked. VPNs can be free or paid but it is always recommended to go for a reputed paid VPN service which does not logs your activity. There are lot of reviews over the Internet to guide you to make an informed decision.

As a suggestion (with no responsibility whatsoever) we do recommend the following VPNs
 You can start with a Free service of CyberGhost to get a feel and gradually choose as you opt to. It simple simply go to their website and download their VPN client, install the same on your device (PC / Mac / Linux / iOS / Android) and start using web anonymously.
This is a basic guide for anonymous web surfing and the author / publisher of this article does not encourage you to do anything illegal as per the laws of your state. Happy Surfing...


  1. Don't rely on just Tor. Never rely on just Tor. Tor + OpenVPN Dedicated IP = better than just tor.

  2. yeah either it is tor or any other, if they are offering quality of dedicated ip vpn without any leak issue than i think it is good enough otherwise if you believe on only Tor than it will be harmful.