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Translate your website or blog into 44 languages and more

You must be wondering how can we offer the same website or blog in as many as 44 languages or more. It's simple, Google Translate

We will be creating a small code base which you can embed in any blog or normal website. This will allow you to translate your blog or website into an array of languages.

We have used a combined sprite image for the flags for respective languages. Using css we will split it and display respectively

The following snippet creates a link to the respective translated version of the website.

Download Full Code


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  2. Hi! I think a better way to translate your blog or website into multiple languages is to use a online localization tool. is such a service that has a user-friendly interface, many useful features (API, GitHub and Bitbucket integration, translation memory) to simplify the localization process a lot. There is also a WordPress plugin available so users can easily manage their translations. Have a look!