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Using Tor on your Android

Online privacy, stealth browsing, hiding your real identity is something every web user ponders on. One of the easiest method to safeguard your real identity or bypass any internet blockades is using Tor network. But with the advancement of high speed mobile networks like 3G & 4G LTE and cheap availability of Android based smartphones, the number of mobile internet user is on rise and thus comes the question how to hide your real identity while using your mobile's data connection ?

The answer is Orbot [Click to go to Google Play]

Orbot is a fantastic, free, Tor client & with easy to use configuration wizard for Android. The application provides further granular control to route traffic of specific apps or all of them for a rooted user. Once installed you can select each applications which you want to browse through Tor network or let all connection go through Tor network. The performance is pretty good and doesn't significantly slows down your internet experience due to re-routing through Tor network.

Orbot provides you with with almost all advanced settings of a Tor client and multiple replaying options which one generally gets on a desktop. Thus makes a perfect tool to hide your face in the internet crowd for both unrooted & rooted users. Get it now from Google Play here today...


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